a living space

Paling Properties, the distinctive property development arm of Paling, is synonymous with holistic lifestyle developments that uplift the quality of life of the communities we touch. Adopting great emphasis on superior infrastructure, we ensure our development schemes are wholesome and sustainable in every sense of the word – economically, environmentally, and community wise.
In our pursuit to design unrivalled living standards in all our developments, we undergo stringent workmanship assessment to benchmark our homes against the highest standards in structural integrity and craftsmanship.
With this ultimate vision, Paling Properties adopts the Quality Assessment System in Construction (QLASSIC) it is a system or method to measure and evaluate the workmanship quality of a building construction work based on Construction Industry Standard (CIS 7:2006).
Our rising property portfolio comprises nine property developments, namely:
Taman Senta Segu
Taman Sri Mewah
Taman Kozai
Taman Putra
Ing Liing Residences
Pearl Garden 2
PRP Sibiew 3
Gem Park
Niah Garden